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Artwork Exclusively for this Site Created by Artists in Their Prime

Magnificent and stately artworks have been arranged in the lobby lounge under the theme of “communication in the space where celestial spheres, heavenly bodies, history, information and people gather.” At the front counter, there is a work entitled, “Sacred Sword Directed at the Point” by Mr. Koji Hatakeyama, who has recently attracted considerable attention with his metallic artwork featuring a modern style. In his exhibition held in the United States immediately after the terrorist attacks, the Philadelphia Museum of Art bought his work. On either side of the counter, we have deployed celestial ritual items. On the wall to the side of the front desk, we have hung a print of the image of the vessel unearthed in the excavation of the site that was formerly the estate of the Shimazu Family of Satsuma Han. And the passageway from the cafe to the lounge is adorned by a work by Mr. Shin Nishikawa, the glass creator.
The pictures decorating the guest rooms and corridors are created by Ms. Ulsura Foose, and have been selected based on a healing theme. (Produced by Nakama Masae, Representative Director of Gallery Nakama Inc.) According to Mr. Yasuhiro Fujii, who is known as a doctor of healing, good artwork raises the immune functions in mind and work like a kind of medicine. Ms. Foose’s works have been adopted in various medical institutions as well.
Her works are placed in all guest rooms and corridors, and are created based on an image derived from hearing music performed by the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. “From the visual sense to the acoustic sense and back to the visual sense, we can listen to the music of her works that seem to be inviting us on a celestial journey.



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