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Celestine - Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We sincerely thank you for your patronage of the Celestine Hotel (hereafter, “this hotel”). This hotel adheres to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other related laws, has established a policy as follows in order to facilitate the careful handling of its customers’ personal information and strives to protect their privacy.

1. Situations in which customers are asked to provide personal information

This hotel will ask for the provision of customers’ personal information in the following situations.

  1. When using or applying for the use of this hotel’s accommodation, restaurants, wedding reception banquet, banquet or conference rooms, etc.
  2. When using or applying for the use of each event or the sale of merchandise
  3. When answering a questionnaire or requesting information materials
  4. For issuance of the e-mail newsletter or for inquiries made by e-mail
  5. For the registration or application for registration for each service implemented by this hotel
  6. For other necessary purposes (In this event you will be advised accordingly or guided in the process of disclosure)


2. The use of personal information

This hotel uses the personal information received from customers for the following purposes of implementing business operations.

  1. For the purpose of contacting the customer in order to confirm reservations/acceptance, responding to inquiries and in relation to the payment of charges, etc
  2. For customer surveys with the purpose of investigating the customers’ benefits/privileges. In this event, information is processed statistically and the customer’s personal information is not specified in any case
  3. For the provision of registered services to customers that are members of this hotel and the management purposes thereof
  4. In other cases, the purpose of usage other than the above will be notified or disclosed


3. Personal information security measures

This hotel takes reasonable security measures in order to prevent the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or leakage of personal information received from customers.


4. Provision of personal information to third parties

This hotel strictly controls personal information received from customers and will not provide or share said information with any third parties. However, information will be declared or provided to third parties in the following cases.

  1. Provision to this hotel’s contractors pertaining to the system maintenance of this hotel
  2. Provision to this hotel’s contractors or partners pertaining to the provision of services to the customer
  3. Provision to collection agencies pertaining to the receipt of payment of charges
  4. Provision to dispute resolution or complaint handling commissions pertaining to the usage of this hotel
  5. When the customer has given consent to the disclosure of information
  6. When requested by law from public institutions such as government agencies
  7. Other situations where the information is judged to be urgently needed by the hotel or customer


5. Disclosure, amendment or suspension of usage of personal information

If disclosure, amendment or suspension of usage is personally requested by a customer, this hotel will respond promptly within reasonable bounds after confirming the identity of the customer.

Please confirm the application procedures at the customer support office when requesting disclosure, amendment or suspension of usage. Actual costs or postage, etc associated with this request will be borne by the customer


6. Personal information initiatives

  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy
    This hotel carries out continuous review and improvement of the content of its Privacy Policy.
  2. Customer support office
    For inquiries regarding the handling of personal information by this hotel, please contact the customer support office.


Date enacted: April 1, 2005
Date revised: September 22, 2010
Date published: October 1, 2010 



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